U12 (DOB 2012-2013)

The U12 Division is part of the SVSC Community League. U12 teams play 7V7 matches with goalkeepers. SVSC wants players to have the opportunity to continue to play soccer in a recreational and fun format. We want players to be ready to progress to Competitive teams if they choose to continue playing at SVSC.


The U12 Division is for players born in 2012 - 2013. There is a max of 88 players in the U12 Division.


There are two seasons - Fall and Spring.

The Fall season will begin September 11.

Spring - March 4 - May 3


All games and practices are at the New Smyrna Beach Sports Complex.


Practices are on Mondays and Fridays


Teams will play games on Fridays at 5:30 or 6:30.


Players receive a new jersey each season.



There are no extra costs.

Players only need to buy cleats and shinguards.


When you reach checkout during registration you will be asked about some optional additional programs/items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have our own coach?

Yes. Each team will have a volunteer coach. The coach's child plays for free. Coaches must agree to implement the SVSC curriculum. If you would like to coach, please contact the SVSC Board at info@svscsurf.com.

What support can coaches expect from SVSC?

Coaches will be provided with complete practice plans, team shape/tactics, and league rules. Coaching Director will be available to provide guidance, the necessary cones and pinnies, or other equipment when needed. Each player needs to bring his/her own ball.

What if there are not enough coaches?

If there are not enough coaches we will be forced to close registration or refund those players without coaches.

Why aren't players allowed to head the ball?

The US Soccer Federation banned heading a long time ago for players under 12 years of age in order to reduce the risk of concussion in young players, and rightly so. The reasons for this are many and backed up by extensive research. Because some players in the division are not yet 12 the entire division is a NO HEADING division.

What about the other rule changes?

If heading is not a part of the game at this level then there are natural trickle-down effects. If players can't head the ball, why put them in situations where their choice is to head the ball (illegally and perhaps dangerously) or get out of the way? That's why punting and long goal kicks are not allowed (US Soccer rules for 7v7). Requiring shorter passes develops players' abilities to pass and maintain possession. At SVSC we extended the spirit of that rule to all free kicks. We utilize "pass-in" rather than throw-ins for similar reasons. This modification is not uncommon. Futsal/indoor soccer do not play throw-ins at any level. Throw-ins are an easy skill to learn if players choose to continue playing at levels where they are part of the game.

Fall 2023

The SVSC Surf League is a recreational soccer league for boys and girls from U4-U14.

To register, use LEAGUES tab and click COMMUNITY LEAGUE.

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